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Streaming to Livestream with Livestream Studio

Select the Stream tab in Livestream Studio. Here you will see a few providers to choose from. Select Livestream.

Log in to your Livestream account.

At the top of the module is a text field labeled Enter a title for your stream... Type a stream title in here.


Choose an event from the Event Name drop-down menu (or click + New Event to create a new event).


By default, your Livestream followers will receive a notification when you go live. If you do not want to send out a notification, uncheck Notify Followers.

If you have enabled multi-language events, you can choose which incoming language (or audio track) will output to this particular stream by using the Select Language drop-down menu; if you are simulcasting, this allows you to stream to the same provider but select a different language for each stream instance. This menu does not appear if multi-language events are not enabled.

Click Advanced Settings if you want to send the stream over a bonded connection, send it as a backup stream, or specify which network(s) to use for your stream.

When you are ready to start your stream, click Go Live in the bottom right corner.

Press the red Streaming button to end the stream. When a stream is terminated, the user will be prompted to post the video-on-demand (VOD) to the event, save the clip as a draft on the event page, or delete the cloud recording.

The viewer count recorded in Studio counts viewers watching the Livestream player. If you are simulcasting to other destinations, those views are not recorded in Studio.

To change the Livestream account you stream to, click on your account name inside the Stream module. From here, you can either open a browser to your Livestream Account Settings or Log Out of your account in Studio.

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