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Create a Backup Stream

You can create a backup stream to Livestream using Livestream Studio. This is helpful if you are looking to add redundancy to your workflow in the event of a bandwidth drop or power failure. To create a backup stream, you will need two systems running Livestream Studio. One will be your primary encoder while the other will be your secondary encoder.

This feature only works Livestream; it is not available when streaming to other providers with Livestream Studio.


Start your stream to Livestream on your primary encoder as you normally would.

Open Livestream Studio on your secondary encoder. Make sure the following streaming settings match the settings on your primary encoder:

  • Event
  • Streaming Quality

Hover your mouse over the Livestream icon at the bottom of the module and click the gearwheel to access settings.

Click Advanced Settings.

Check Backup Stream.

Important: Backup Stream is not available when using Bonding as your delivery method.

Click Done, then go live on the secondary encoder.


If the stream from the primary encoder fails due to bandwidth drop or power failure, the stream from secondary encoder will continue without interrupting the viewing experience on Livestream.

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