Using a Bonded Network to Stream

Livestream Studio features the ability to stream via a bonded connection, allowing the user stream through multiple Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE network connections.


Important: this feature is only available when streaming to Livestream.

While Windows should recognize and automatically install any necessary drivers for USB modems, the drivers can also be manually downloaded from the modem vendor's site. Ensure that all networks can access the Internet.

In order to successfully stream with a bonded connection, ports UDP 2088 and TCP/IP 80 need to be open in addition to standard Firewall ports.

As a best practice, it's recommended that any USB modems be spread across the PC's various USB ports. This avoids taxing each USB hub and ensures that each modem's connection is used.


In Livestream Studio, navigate to the 'Stream' tab and login to your Livestream account.

Select your event, then click 'Advanced Settings.'

Check 'Use Bonding,' then click 'Done.'

In your network dashboard, each network connected to your account will have a 'Bonding' dropdown menu. Clicking it will reveal three options:

  • Use: Streaming will occur over the network.
  • Standby - use only when needed: This network will not be used unless other networks lose connection. For example, if you have a 4G USB modem plugged in with data caps, you may want to consider saving that as your backup to avoid data overage charges.
  • Off: This network will not be used for your stream.

When you go live, your network dashboard will show information for each network, such as what bitrates are being distributed by each.

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  • Avatar
    Fernando CR

    With a premium streaming plan, does my network quality limit the number of viewers?
    What is the minimun uplink speed for streaming 1080p video?

  • Avatar
    Internet Society

    Hi Fernando, Since nobody else has responded I'll give it a shot.

    1) You only send one feed to the server. The network takes care of sending it to everyone else. There is no limit on an a premium plan.

    2) In the studio presets there's no way to send a single 1080p stream to livestream. For 720p you have three HD options - all include lower bitrates for viewers that can't keep up. HD+ does 720p at 4mbps which along with the additional HIGH etc streams comes out around 6.6mpbs. You need a robust 10mbps up to stream comfortably.

  • Avatar
    Impact Church

    Internet Society, are there any settings you can tweak in Livestream to achieve a higher upstream rate? My upload is 20Mbps and other applications can hit up to 15mpbs, but with livestream I am lucky if I get 2mpbs. That is streaming 720p

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