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Overview of Studio Remote Camera Options

Livestream Studio includes a variety of ways to bring in a source over your local network or by other remote means. Below is an overview of what remote sources Studio supports.

NewTek NDI Inputs


Studio can accept any input outputting a signal via NewTek's NDI protocol, such as PTZ cameras or any computer with NewTek NDI tools installed to share another computer’s screen. Provided both devices are on the same network, Studio can communicate with the NDI source and bring it in as an input at very low latency.


Mevo Cameras

A Mevo camera can be a remote camera input in Studio over your local network. Connect Mevo to your network and it will be available as a remote camera option in Studio (provided it is not already streaming or recording on its own). You can then control a handful of Mevo's options and settings directly in Studio.


Livestream Broadcaster Devices


If you own any Livestream Broadcaster product, you can set it to Studio mode and use it to bring in any HDMI source over your local network. 


In addition to local network remote cameras, there are a few other ways to bring in sources outside of your network.


Remote Guests


Send a URL to anyone regardless of their location to bring in their webcam and microphone via their desktop browser; remote guests can also share their screen.


RTMP Server


Send a stream from another encoder to Studio directly via an RTMP URL and Stream key provided by Studio, effectively turning Studio into an RTMP server. This is a good alternative to bringing a mobile device into Studio via apps such as StreamLabs.


Stream Playback


Playback streams from Livestream or other providers (latency varies). 

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