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Configure Additional Streaming Settings in Livestream Studio

Livestream Studio allows you to configure additional settings regarding your stream's output and response to certain situations.

These settings can be found by clicking the gearwheel in the upper right corner of the Studio interface and navigating to the Settings: Streaming menu. What each of these settings do is detailed below.

  • Hardware encoding: This option only appears on PCs that have integrated graphics cards that support video encoding. Learn more.
  • Antilag: Selecting ‘On’ for Antilag works to reduce latency on the viewing end. If a delay on the encoding side builds up past the chosen Antilag Duration (below), the frame buffer will be cleared. Turning Antilag off will continue to build a cache of frames without clearing the data, thus building latency to your viewers. If low latency is a critical component of your stream, disabling Antilag is not recommended. 
  • Key Frame Interval: Places keyframes into the stream to track changes in movement. Two seconds is a standard setting, but you may want to consider a more frequent interval if your event has a lot of motion.
  • Encoder Queue: The number of frames that Livestream Studio will allow to build up prior to a stream terminating due to bandwidth or CPU issues.
  • Local MP4 Recording: Automatically records an .mp4 of your stream as a backup. It is strongly recommended to keep this feature enabled. 
    • Selecting Highest Quality Only will record in only the highest bitrate and resolution that you are outputting (e.g. if your stream quality is 720p + 540p + 240p, your backup file will record in 720p, whereas selecting All Qualities will produce three separate recordings simultaneously, one for each quality).
  • MP4 Recording Location: Choose where the backup recording described above is saved. By default, your recordings will save to the Videos folder on your system's C drive, but you may choose to save them elsewhere, such as on an external hard drive.
  • Streaming Mode: Allows you to choose the outgoing frame rate. The higher the rate you choose, the more CPU usage will increase.
  • Closed Captioning: If you need to ingest closed captions over SDI, you enable it here. Learn more about Studio's closed captioning support.
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