Enabling Closed Captioning Ingestion


Livestream Studio can ingest FCC compliant closed captioning data with their input sources and stream it out to Livestream.

Note: This feature only works on the Livestream live player. Captions are not saved on video on demand.

Livestream Studio supports CEA 608 and CEA 708 closed captioning signals. Most closed captioning encoders support these type of signals, as they are FCC compliant.

Important: The captions must be embedded into an SDI input in order to be recognized.

To enable closed captions forwarding to Livestream, go to settings and enter the ‘Streaming’ menu. At the bottom you will see ‘Closed Captions.’ Check ‘Closed Captions Enabled’ to allow for closed captioning data to be received.

Next, select whether the closed captions are available only with the source they are coming from (‘Follow on switching’), if the captions should show regardless of what source is in Program (‘From single camera’) or only when the source is in AUX program (‘From AUX’).

Save your settings, then return to the ‘Input Settings’ tab. Select the camera source(s) that has the closed captioning data embedded, then click on ‘Closed Captions.’

Check ‘Enabled,’ and then select which channel your closed captions are coming through. This will require that the selected input source be a 10-bit input signal, rather than 8-bit.

When you go live, your captions will be available as an option in the Livestream player. Please note you will not see any captions in Livestream Studio and captions will not be recorded with your video on-demand.

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