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Broadcaster Pro Common Issues & Troubleshooting Tips

Below we've compiled a list of common issues producers may run into when using the Broadcaster Pro and steps to take to fix them. 

Warning/Lost Connection Error


If you notice a 'Warning' message appear on the Broadcaster Pro's OLED display while you are streaming, this is typically related to a local connectivity issue. To troubleshoot this:

  • Check your Firewalls. If a required Firewall port is closed on your network, that could result in the Broadcaster Pro not being able to communicate with Livestream properly. Connect a computer to your Broadcaster Pro's network and follow these steps to check your Firewall ports.
  • Test on another network connection. To help narrow down if there is an issue with the connection or with the Broadcaster Pro, try to connect and stream on a different network connection (e.g. using a home network instead of an office network or vice versa).
  • Use a lower quality. Everyone wants their stream to look the highest quality as possible, but fluctuating Internet connections don't always allow for this. We recommend that you select a quality that is half of your upload speed. You should especially ere on the side of caution (i.e. use a lower quality) if you are on a network connection that is shared with other devices and computers.

Video Signal Distorted or Not Detected


The top indicator light on the left side of the Broadcaster Pro will turn on if it detects your camera signal. If this light is not on, then the device is not receiving a video signal. Here are a few things to check:

  • Check your camera's output format. Your camera's output format can typically be adjusted in its settings (consult your camera's manufacturer if you do not know how to do this). Make sure it is a format that the Broadcaster Pro supports.
  • Ensure your camera and cable are able to output. This is as simple as connecting your camera to a monitor's HDMI input. If your video signal appears, then you know the output is working. If not, check your camera's output settings or try using a different HDMI cable.
  • Manually set your format and aspect ratio. The Broadcaster Pro is typically able to automatically detect your camera's video format and aspect ratio from the metadata the camera is sending. However, there have been rare instances where this does not create the proper video signal. In this case, go to Menu > Video Input > HDMI Format, and toggle to the correct format. Then go to Menu > Video Input > Aspect Ratio, and select 4:3 or 16:9.
  • Test with another camera. If possible, try plugging a different HDMI camera into the Broadcaster Pro. This will at least help narrow down if the issue is with the video source or the Broadcaster Pro.

Broadcaster Does Not Detect Audio Properly


If you are not hearing your audio, or if you audio does not sound the way it should, try these steps:

  • Make sure the correct audio source is selected. Go to Menu > Audio Input > Source, and check that either HDMI or Line in is selected. You should only select Line In if you have a separate audio source coming into the Audio In port on the back of the Broadcaster Pro. Otherwise, select HDMI. 
  • Check the channel settings. You may only hear audio in one speaker or the other if you do not have the correct channel setting selected. For example, if you have a microphone plugged into Channel 1 in your camera and you select 'Stereo,' viewers will only hear audio on their left speaker. For this workflow, you should select 'Mono Left' to ensure proper audio channel distribution.
  • Output to a monitor with speakers. Connect your camera to a monitor that has speakers to ensure that audio is in fact outputting. This will at least help narrow down if it is an issue with the audio/video workflow, or if it is occurring within the Broadcaster Pro. If you do not hear audio from your monitor's speakers, try replacing the cables or check your camera's audio settings.

All else fails? Perform a factory reset.

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