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Overview: The Livestream Event Experience

Here's a breakdown of where you can now find some of the main event page features:

  • Event details easier to find
  • Posting options, event settings, and draft posts moved to one centric Edit Drawer
  • Share and embed options combined into a simpler sharing window
  • A dedicated Posts Drawer means less scrolling on event pages with many posts
  • More chat functionality for viewers and moderators in the Chat Drawer, now also seen in embeds.

Event Details


Event owners have always been able to write more details about their event, but it was buried behind a small 'More Event Details' link. We have brought this information front and center prior to when the event goes live.

Viewers can also see event information in the Information Drawer, which can be opened by clicking the (i) icon in the upper right corner. This can be seen whether you are live or not.

Edit Drawer


Any modifications you need to make to your events, whether it's a time change, publishing a draft post, or adding a new photo, can now be done from an inclusive Edit Drawer. No need to look for three different places for any updates to your event. 


New posts are at the top of the Edit Drawer.

Drafts and pending posts can be found here, decluttering your event page.

All event settings are now available to you while you keep an eye on your live broadcast. Settings will simply appear in the drawer while keeping the live player open to its right, rather than taking you away from your content. 

Sharing and Embedding


Sharing your event has now be combined with the embed window, making it quicker and easier to choose your sharing method. Simply click the 'Share' icon in the upper right corner and you can either copy the URL to your event page or click the 'Embed' tab and copy the embed code to put into your website.



Video on demand posts, photos, and status updates can now all been seen in a Posts Drawer. This allows for easier navigation when the event is embedded and less scrolling for events with numerous posts on a single event.

Chat Experience & Moderation


The live chat can be seen in the Chat Drawer, easily seen or hidden depending on the viewer's preference. Moderation tools (deleting comments, banning participants) are still easily accessible for the account owner in a cleaner options menu.

Viewers can also choose to see notifications when new chat messages are sent while the chat is closed, or choose to turn this off by clicking the gearwheel in the text box.

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