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Can I Hide Event Posts, Chat, and Info from Embeds?

Livestream Premium and Enterprise customers can embed their live events onto their websites. There are a few options included with this features, such as whether or not to allow your viewers to chat, see other posts on the event, and event details all within the embed.

Go to the Share icon in the upper right corner of the event page.

Select the Embed tab. Then click More Options.

The window will expand to reveal a few toggle switches. The first one, Enable event info and activity is toggled on by default.

The upper right corner of your embed will include options for your viewers to read your event info, view other posts, and chat all within the embed.

If you want your viewers to only see your live content, toggle this switch off.

When you place the iFrame on your website, your embed not include any of these options (notice the missing icons from the upper right corner). 

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