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Using the Studio One Audio Inputs and Outputs

All editions of the Studio One hardware includes two 1/4" audio inputs and two 1/4" audio outputs. These can all be found labeled on the back of the unit.

The outputs will send Program audio to your desired output source (speakers, monitors, etc.)


To add your audio inputs to Studio, first make sure Windows sound recording settings has Stereo Mix set as the default device.

Plug in your audio source to the inputs (bottom ports), then open Settings: Audio In. Click the + button in the bottom left corner.


Open the Audio Source drop-down menu and select the Stereo Mix source. Be sure to save your settings.

Not seeing your input? You may need to download the drivers for the sound card. Be sure to restart your system after completing the installation.

The source will automatically be labeled AUDIO1 and appear in the Audio mixer.

The audio card in the Studio One unit allows you to connect a stereo audio source by using both plugs since, by default, Studio is configured to take stereo audio for each input.


Go to the Input Settings tab and select the AUDIO1 source from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the module, then select the Audio tab below on the left side. This source will include two inputs.

If you wish to have a balanced audio setup, make sure Input 1 is set to L (left) and Input 2 is set to R (right).

You can also configure it to be mixed-mono by selecting both L and R under each input. This is recommended if you are only using one of the 1/4" inputs.


An alternative to blending both inputs is by setting Studio's audio format to mono.


Be sure to test each audio source from Studio's audio mixer before your event to ensure it is being heard in Studio properly.

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