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Known Issues with Studio for Mac Beta

We have released a public beta of Studio 5.0 for macOS. This beta has some known issues and limitations which are detailed below.

  • Studio access is only available via a Livestream or Vimeo subscription; the Studio dongle is not supported on Mac.

  • There is currently no way to enable external multiview.

  • The Studio Surface and Studio Surface Go are not supported at this time.

  • Tally light systems are not supported at this time. 

  • Currently, the media bins can only import and transcode AVI/MJPEG files; other file types (.mp4, .wmv, etc.) will not load.

  • Webcam sources may become intermittently unavailable after prolonged use. 

  • There are occasional connectivity problems with Studio Web Control. 

  • The network dashboard shows incorrect network information when streaming (i.e. it shows that one network device is in use when actually, another network device is being used).

  • The Event from Livestream remote camera option currently does not work.

  • The AutoFormat detection feature (in Input Settings > Convert) does not work for Blackmagic Devices.

These issues are not present in Studio 5.0 Beta for Windows.

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