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Livestream Studio Web Control

What is Web Control?

Web Control allows you to give yourself or others access to a Livestream Studio system directly from a supported browser. This is ideal when your production has a lot of moving components that you prefer to assign to individual members of your team (e.g., switching cameras vs. graphics controls).

 On your Studio system, go to Settings, then click the Web Control tab. Click the checkbox next to Enable Web Control to see more options.

First, you will see a Studio ID and a Web Control Link. These are used to add users to your Studio system.

You can use the default ID that populates, or create your own by clicking the pencil icon to edit it. Click Save when you are done, or Cancel to keep the previous name.

Below is the list of allowed users that you have invited to your Studio Web Control. You can also adjust how much access each user has to your Studio.

Finally, you can choose how your Studio Web Control is laid out in the module below. Choose a layout and drag and drop sources you wish to see into your desired positions.

When you log in to Studio Web Control at using your Livestream account credentials, any Studio system you have been added to will be listed below as offline or online. Select an online Studio.

A window such as the one below will open for users granted Full Access:

Here is where those users will be able to the see and control the multi-view, control the audio mixer, operate the transition controls, insert mid-roll advertisements, and fade to black. They can also click the menu icon in the upper right corner to change their view and log out.


Read only users will see a similar window to those given Full Access, with the exception of a Read Only ribbon in the upper right control. These users can see every part of the interface that Full Access users can, but they cannot control it or make any changes.


Users granted access to the multi-view will see something similar to below, depending on your layout settings.

They can click on the sources to put them into Preview and Program. They can also click Stream and Record at the top of the module to go live and start recording, respectively.


Users granted access to controls only will see the audio mixer, stream module, GFX modules: all the options seen under the transition controls. However, they do not have the ability to see or control the multi-view.

All users can log out of web control by clicking the menu icon in the upper right corner and clicking Log Out.

Supported Browsers & Devices

In order to use Web Control with Livestream Studio, customers must use the most recent versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on the following operating systems only:

  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Chromebook
  • Android

Web Control is not supported on Microsoft Edge, Safari, or any iOS devices.

Add a User to Studio Web Control


In your Livestream Studio system, go to Settings > Web Control.

Enable Web Control by clicking the check box, then navigate to the Users box.

To add a user, click the + button. The following window will appear.

Enter the person’s email address and how much access you wish to grant them. The options are:

  • Administrator
  • Full access
  • Read only
  • Multi-view
  • Controls only

Click Save and then save your Studio settings. The user you have invited to access your Studio via Web Control will not be able to join it until you save your settings.


Note: You can always adjust what kind of access each user has when you go back into Settings. Doing so will remove them from any current session, and they will have to re-enter the Studio Web Control interface again.


The email address you sent the invite to will receive the following email:

The user should click the blue Open Web Control button. They will be prompted to log into a Livestream account if they are not already, and then directed to the Studio Web Control interface that they have been given access to.


Note: The user must have an account on Livestream in order to log into Studio Web Control. If they do not have an account, they can click Join Livestream. The user must use the same email address that was invited to Studio Web Control.

Using Graphic Overlays in Web Control

A Dropbox account is required in order to use this feature. Log in to Dropbox and locate your folders (or create a new one).

Save the .lsgfx files you wish to use in Livestream Studio in this folder. Only .lsgfx files are supported in Studio Web Control.

Sample .lsgfx files can be found in the Studio Graphics Store ( or can be created when you export a graphics overlay layer that you manually created in Livestream Studio.

 The first step is within the Livestream Studio software. Navigate to Settings, then select the Dropbox tab.

Click Connect Dropbox.

Log in to your Dropbox account by entering your account credentials and clicking Sign in.

Allow Studio to access your Dropbox account. When authorization is complete, you can close the browser window.

You will need to select a folder on your local drive to save your imported file to and a folder in your Dropbox from which to select .lsgfx files. Once you have made your choices, click Save.

Studio will indicate that your Dropbox account is now with Studio.

Next, log in to Web Control ( and select your Livestream Studio.

You should notice the three graphics overlay tabs in the bottom portion of the screen; select one of them to continue.

You can either browse the free Graphics Store within the Web Control graphics overlay module, or scroll down and click Add Custom Layers.

Any .lsgfx files saved in your selected Dropbox folder will be listed here. Click the name of the file you wish to use.

The graphics file will load, with its design and settings on the left and its data on the right.

Note: It is not possible to open the GFX Designer in Web Control. The appearance of the graphic can only be edited within the Studio software.

Many of the controls available to you from here are very similar to those found in the Livestream Studio software, such as adding rows and columns for data, Auto Push/Pull, Loop Settings, and selecting rows.

Overlaying graphics in Web Control is the same as in Studio software. Click the corresponding PRV button to show your graphics overlay in Preview.

Click PUSH to transition the graphic overlay into Program.

Now, you will see the graphics overlay in your Program monitor.

To remove it from Program, click the corresponding PULL button.

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