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Setting Auxiliary Outputs

Livestream Studio gives you the ability to choose up to four auxiliary output mixes. This can be helpful for changing picture-in-picture sources without re-entering the GFX Designer multiple times.

Navigate to Settings, and enter the Outputs menu. Under Number of AUX Mixes, select the number of auxiliary outputs you want to use.

When you set your auxiliary outputs, you should see an AUX Outputs tab appear in the lower left section.

To utilize this with your picture-in-picture graphics, go to a Graphics tab (e.g., GFX 1) and create a new layer.

Click the paintbrush icon.

The GFX Designer will open. Click on the Video button to bring a video source into your graphics layer.

Click on the dropdown menu to change any settings, including your video source. Note that AUX sources are now among your options.

When you have finished setting your video source in the graphics layer, close out of the GFX Designer and make sure that layer is visible.

Navigate to the AUX Outputs tab and find the AUX source you are using. Here you can select which of your inputs you want to see in the AUX output (in this case, our picture-in-picture graphic). You can choose among any cameras or media bins.

Push the graphics channel to Program to allow you and your viewers to see it. 

To change the source in your graphics overlay, go back to the AUX Outputs tab and click on the desired source. That source will turn green, indicating that it is being previewed (e.g., Remote 2).

To switch sources, use either the Cut or Auto button to the left.

Tip: If you click on the transition type under Auto, you can choose both the type and speed of the transition used for each AUX source.

Click a transition control to switch the sources. Remote 2 is now shown in the picture-in-picture graphic.

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