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Adding a Remote Live Interview

Livestream Studio customers can add a live webcam source from another location into their Studio production. This is called Live Interview


The guest(s) will need an Internet connection, Google Chrome, a webcam, and a microphone connected to their computer.

It is strongly recommended that audio is provided to any local hosts or interviewers directly via the headphone out jack on your Studio unit using headphones, IFBs, etc. Otherwise, there will be a distinct echo in your stream during the interaction. 

Note: Live Interview currently only works on desktop Chrome; there is currently no support for Live Interview via mobile devices.

Add a new remote camera source in the Settings: Inputs menu to add Live Interview as a source in addition to your three Mevo cameras.  

Navigate to a Remote Camera tab and click Add Stream. Then, click Live Interview.

Note: Only one Interview can occur in Livestream Studio at this time.


You will be provided two URLs: a Live Interview Link and a Moderator Link. Press the Copy button to copy the corresponding URL to your clipboard and provide the URL to your guest(s) via email or other means.

New URLs generate each time a Live Interview is added. If you wish to provide a URL in advance, do not click Remove from list.

When someone opens the provided Interview URL in Google Chrome, he or she will be prompted to type in a name and allow the camera and microphone to be accessed. When finished, he or she can click Join Interview.

The moderator URL can be given to someone who can choose between different interview guest sources. The moderator’s camera will not be shown, but the moderator will be able to hear audio from all connected interviewees.

The moderator is also connected to the chat to help communicate with all interview guests and the producer.


When guests join the Interview, they will see their camera feeds, but will also see that they are connected and have access to the internal chat.

In Livestream Studio, you will see this chat as well, allowing you to communicate with the guest.

You can bring in the guest's camera by clicking the dropdown in the upper right corner of the module and clicking the guest's name. You can have as many guests as you wish in the list, but you can only select one guest at a time.

After clicking a name, that guest's camera will be available as a remote camera source, which you can switch to whenever you are ready.

The guest's view will change to seeing their camera in the lower left corner and a larger view of what is currently in Program. The guest will also hear Program audio and a Preview notification in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

When the guest's camera is switched into Program, they will see a red On Air notification in the upper right hand corner and their camera view will take the full screen.


Note: By default, guests will hear Program audio but not their own audio, even when they are in Program.

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