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Media Playback Controls and Options

Each media bin comes with a variety of controls and options for playing back your clips.

Checking Autoplay will instruct Livestream Studio to start playing the queued video when the media bin source is taken into Program.

If you have multiple videos that you want to play back to back, select the Play as List button. When one video ends, the next one will start playing immediately.

If you have one clip that you want to repeat, select the Loop button.

If you select both the Play as List and Loop buttons, the media bin will play back all videos in order and then loop back to the first clip when the last one has finished.

Under the player to the right is a blue timeline where you can track playback of your clip. Use your mouse to drag the red cursor to any point within the clip.

With your mouse, you can drag and drop both ends and set In and Out points if you want to play back only a portion of your clip.

You can also set In and Out points by dragging the orange scrubber to the desired point and clicking the corresponding In or Out bracket buttons in either upper corner of the player.

The first and last buttons jump the clip to the beginning of the full clip, regardless of whether In and Out points have been set.

The next pair will jump to your set In or Out point, respectively.

The next pair of controls can jog your clip forward and backward, respectively, frame by frame.

The play control surrounded by brackets will play the clip starting from the In point and finishing at the Out point.

When clicked, the play button will turn into a pause button, allowing you to stop playback at any point.

Next, you can play back the full video from wherever the scrubber is located by using this play control.

This play button also turns into a pause button when the clip is playing back.

These controls all have hotkeys assigned to them. Check your settings to see what they are by default or change them to your preferences.

When playing back the last clip of a playlist or any clip that is not looping, Studio will give warning indicators as you are near the end of a clip. Yellow indicates 20 seconds or less are remaining.

When the media bin player turns red, that indicates 10 seconds or less are remaining.

When the clip reaches the end, it will automatically transition to the source in Preview.

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