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How to Live Edit Your Mevo Shots

Once you have connected any of your Mevo cameras to the iPad, you will see the main Live Editing view. In this view, you will see your Mevo camera's live shot.

Manual Editing

In the full, wide view of your live shot, you can use the Mevo app gestures to live edit your event: tap to cut, pinch to zoom, and drag to pan.

Tap to cut:

Pinch to zoom:

Drag to pan:

In the top right corner, you will see your live editing program output. This is what your viewers will see when watching the recording or live stream.

Tip: You can use your finger to drag the output monitor to another part of the screen.

The icon with three dots at the bottom right corner of the app opens the options menu. This is where you will find options for Camera Assistant, Audio Mixer, and General Settings.

Press and hold anywhere on the screen to set a manual shot. You will see a yellow box appear indicating that the shot is set.

The icon with six squares to the left of the options menu icon brings up the Grid View. If you have several manual shots set or faces in your shot that the camera has found, you will see them in a multi-view on your iPad. You can live edit your event in this view by tapping each shot.

To return to the live edit view, double-tap one of the shots or tap the X in the bottom right corner. Mevo will stay on the last shot you selected.

When you have taken a close-up shot (i.e. not in the full wide shot) a cut-to-wide icon will appear to the left of the grid icon; tap it to cut back to your wide shot.

Enable Face Detection

Mevo has the ability to detect up to four faces, making it easy for you to switch between subjects to focus on.

To turn on face detection, tap the more options menu icon.

Tap the camera assistant icon on the far left.

Turn on Find Faces by tapping it. It will go from gray to white.

A blue box should now appear around any human faces that appear in your Mevo's field of view. These trackers will follow each face's motions as long as they stay within view.

You can also set up to eight manual shots if there are more than four people in the view or easily cut to non-human objects. Simply tap and hold a spot on the live edit view for a moment; a yellow box will appear.

Enable Live Follow

Enabling Live Follow allows for the camera shots to follow the movement of the object they are tracking, such as a person's face. It's ideal for a situation in which you have a speaker walking around a stage, or a chef moving from one side of a kitchen to the other.

If your subjects are staying fairly still, such as a panel discussion or a meeting, we usually recommend disabling this feature to prevent unnecessary movements of the camera shot.

If you go to the More Options menu and tap the Camera Assistance icon, you will notice three options: Find Faces, Live Follow, and Auto-Pilot.

Tap the button to turn Live Follow on; it will go from gray to white.

If you would rather keep your shots focused on a specific area, turn Live Follow off.

Enable Auto-Pilot

Auto-pilot allows the Mevo app to live edit entirely on its own, with no need for you to control the shots.

Go to the More Options menu, then tap the Camera Assistant icon.

Tap Auto-Pilot to turn it on; it will turn from gray to white.

You have the ability to adjust the speed at which you want auto-pilot to cut between shots using the slider on the right side of the camera assistant menu. Dragging the slider all the way to the left will make the cuts much slower.

Moving the slider towards the right will make the auto-pilot cuts faster.

Choose your desired speed and exit the menu. The Mevo app will now automatically cut between any detected faces, manually placed shots, and the wide shot.

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