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Go Live to Livestream

To go live to an event on your Livestream account, click on the Stream tab in Livestream Studio. There are a few providers from which you can choose; select Livestream.

Log in to your Livestream account.

Choose an event from the dropdown menu (or create a new one); then click Select.

Now you can give your stream a title, select its quality, aspect ratio, and the network over which it will stream.

When you are ready to start your stream, click Go Live in the bottom right corner.

When streaming is active, the stream module and streaming log on the left provide live updates on streaming status.
Streaming Info Window: Displays live streaming status info.

Duration: Displays the current stream's duration.
FPS: Displays the current outgoing frames per second (FPS).
Kbps: Displays the current outgoing bitrate.
Viewers: Displays the number of concurrent viewers watching the stream.
Stream Status: Displays the current status of the stream.

Streaming Log: Displays live streaming updates.

  • Perfect Streaming: The stream is going out with no issues.
  • Internet Too Slow for Quality: Upload bandwidth does not support selected quality. This is generally an on-site IT issue and should be escalated to the IT department. Changing quality requires the stream to be stopped and restarted. 
  • Lost Internet Connection: Internet connection has been lost. Again, check with on-site IT if this happens.
  • CPU Warning: CPU usage is getting very high. Try reducing amount of production elements in use (e.g. stop playing video clips in the Media bins, use fewer graphics layers, stream at fewer qualities)
  • Problem publishing to primary server: Studio is unable to stream to the primary publishing point due to local Internet connection issues or an issue with the publishing point.
  • Antilag Feature Triggered: Antilag has been triggered based on the selected queue limit
  • Audio Peak Warning: Audio levels are peaking above normal levels; lower the audio faders in the Audio Mixer module or the Blackjack Onyx mixer to resolve this.

Click the Streaming button to end the stream. When a stream is terminated, you will be prompted to post the video on demand to the event, save the clip as a draft on the event page, or delete the event post.

To change the Livestream event or account to which you stream, hover your mouse over the Livestream logo at the bottom of the module, then click the gearwheel in the menu that pops up.

Choose a different event from the dropdown menu. To log out, click the person icon and click Log Out.

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