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Connect the Mevo Cameras to Livestream Studio

Once the Mevo cameras and Boosts are turned on, the next step is to connect each of them to the Mevo app using the iPad provided. Doing so will allow you to continue to configure and control each camera.

Set up the iPad and Download the Mevo App


Power on the iPad by holding down the lock button on the side. Follow the on-screen prompts to get your iPad up and running, such as setting up a passcode and logging into an iCloud account.


Once you are on the home screen, navigate to the App Store, tap the Search icon, and type in Mevo. The first result should be the official Mevo app. Tap Get to download it.

You will need to enter your iCloud password in order to download the app.

Before continuing, make sure that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on the iPad. This is required in order to detect and connect to the Mevo cameras.

For the initial connection, make sure all of your cameras are within 5-15 feet of your iPad. This is to ensure that the Bluetooth communication between devices is reliable. Once they are connected, you may move your cameras anywhere, as long as they are connected to the Portal router.

Launch the Mevo app on the iPad. The app will detect the three cameras.

You can only see one camera at a time; swipe left to see the other cameras.

Connect Mevo to Livestream Studio Over Ethernet

In the app, navigate to one of the cameras that are connected via Ethernet. The connection card will direct you to either Configure iPhone or Configure Mevo.

Tap the blue Configure iPhone button and enter the iOS Wi-Fi menu.

The iPad will search for nearby networks. After a moment, you should see three networks named Mevo-#####. Tap the one that matches the ID of the Mevo with which you are currently working. After a moment, a blue checkmark will appear to its left, indicating the iPad is now connected to the Mevo's wireless hotspot.

The 'No Internet Connection' message is normal because the Mevo hotspot does not actually produce an internet connection.

Navigate back to the Mevo app. The app will take a moment to update the connection status. 

Note: There may be a short delay for your app to update when changing your Mevo connection settings. Please wait a few moments after making changes to your Mevo connectivity.

You will then see the card update with a blue 'Connect' button. 

Once you tap Connect, the blue light will spin around the top of the camera, then stay solid blue at the front, above the lens. 


On the iPad, the connection card will spin and reveal your Mevo camera's image.


Tap the More Options icon (three dots) in the lower right corner.

Next, tap the gearwheel to open the settings menu.

Check the upper left side of the menu to the left of the battery indicator. It should indicate that you are connected via Ethernet.

Next, go to Livestream Studio and navigate to one of the Remote Cam tabs. Because your Mevo and Studio are connected to the same access point (i.e. the Portal router), your Mevo will automatically appear as an option. Click it to activate it in Studio.

Once one Mevo is connected to Livestream Studio, you no longer need to have it open in the iPad.


In the app, go back to the settings menu; this time, tap Disconnect.

This will bring you back to the connection card screen and allow you to connect and control other Mevo cameras by swiping left or right. Your Mevo will still be connected to Livestream Studio.


For cameras that are connected via Ethernet, follow the same steps as above.

Connect Mevo to Livestream Studio Over Wi-Fi

If any of your Mevo cameras are not connected via Ethernet, you can still bring them into Livestream Studio by connecting to the Portal router's Wi-Fi network.

Navigate to the wireless camera in the Mevo app's connection card screen. On the bottom right of the card, tap the Configure Mevo button.

Tap Show Wi-Fi Networks (Disable Mevo Hotspot).

You will see a loading wheel for a moment, and then the following screen. A network named LS-3CamKit-# will be included in this list. That is the name of the network coming from your Portal router. Select that network.

If your networks do not appear, you can scroll down and tap Refresh Network List to refresh the list. 

Tap the LS-3CamKit-# network. You will be prompted to enter a password. The password is streamnow. Then, tap Join.

After a moment, your Mevo will be connected to your Portal router. This will also be indicated by the LED ring showing a solid green light above the bars icon on the back of the camera and a blue checkmark next to the Wi-Fi network name.

Tap Done in the upper right corner. The Mevo card will update its status again for a moment.

It soon will then give you the option to connect to your Mevo. Tap Connect.

You are now communicating with your Mevo via your Wi-Fi network and your Mevo has connected to the Portal router wirelessly.


In Livestream Studio, navigate to one of your Remote Cam modules. This Mevo camera should now appear in the list of remote camera options. Click it to activate it in Studio.

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