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Launch & Configure Livestream Studio

With Windows ready to go, the next step is to launch the Livestream Studio software.

Studio has been preinstalled on your mini PC. Double-check that your USB dongle is securely plugged into the USB port on your keyboard or on the PC; you need it in order to use Studio.


The Livestream Studio launcher is already on your desktop. Double-click the icon to start the software.

The settings outlined below have been preconfigured in Livestream Studio. We strongly recommend using these settings with the kit for the best experience and video quality.

All of the settings below can be found by clicking the small gearwheel icon in the upper right corner of Livestream Studio.

Configure your project format


First, under Settings: Project Format, you should select Low CPU Performance.

Choose 720p30 as your Project Format. Doing this will match the Mevo's video resolution and frame rate, thus increasing the quality while reducing CPU usage that would otherwise be used to resize the Mevo video feed.

Synchronize your cameras


Since the Mevo cameras come in via the network, there will be a slight delay in the picture transmitting to Studio, whereas the audio mixer is directly connected to the PC; this can cause audio synchronization issues. To avoid these issues, it's best that you set your direct input sources (i.e. the audio mixer) to be delayed by one second. Studio has an easy setting that can accomplish this.


Click the gearwheel in the upper right corner of Studio, then click the Advanced tab.

Navigate to the Remote Inputs Synchronization setting and select Delay All Inputs by 1 Second and Synchronize. This will allow your wired inputs (e.g., your audio mixer) to compensate for the latency experienced by wireless sources (in this case, Mevo) and sync them together.

Enable hardware encoding

Hardware encoding is a setting that moves the video encoding to a dedicated GPU, greatly reducing your CPU usage while streaming. The NUC mini PC included in your kit has an Intel processor that includes Quick Sync Video, which supports hardware encoding.


Navigate to the Streaming menu in Settings. You will find Hardware encoding at the top of the menu. Make sure it is checked, then save your settings.

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