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Assemble the Three Mevo Cameras

Now it's time to put together your cameras.

Attach the Mevo, Mevo Boost, and microphone stand

Start with one of the three remaining K&M microphone stands from the bottom layer of the kit. Use the knobs to extend it as desired.

In the middle layer of the kit are three swivel heads. These are optional add-ons to the setup that allow more flexibility for each shot.

Take one swivel head and screw it on top of the microphone stand.

Now, take a Mevo camera. You may notice it already has a mount attached at the bottom. This needs to be removed in order to attach the Mevo to a Mevo Boost.

The back side of the camera has a lock and two white indicator tabs. Turn the bottom mount counter-clockwise so that the two white tabs line up.

You can now remove the Mevo from the mount.

Tip: Before moving forward, check the bottom of your Mevo cameras for their names (Mevo-#####) and note the name of each camera. This will help you identify the different cameras in later steps.

Set the mount aside and take a Mevo Boost from the kit. Place the Mevo on top of the Mevo Boost.

Turn the outer ring lock clockwise so that the white bar on the back of the Mevo Boost lines up with the red padlock. This will secure the Mevo on the Mevo Boost.

Screw the Mevo Boost on top of the swivel head until it is secure.

Turn the knob on the side of the swivel head counter-clockwise to adjust the angle of the Mevo's shot as desired; turn it back to tighten it.

If you choose to not use the swivel head, you can connect the Mevo Boost to the microphone stand directly. This will require you to remove the adapter from the bottom of the Boost. Use a flathead screwdriver or coin to unscrew the adapter, and then screw the Boost onto the microphone stand.

Connect the Mevo Boost to the Portal router

One of the major benefits of the Mevo Boost is its ability to connect your Mevo camera to the internet via Ethernet. While these steps are not required in order to use your Mevo cameras, doing so will make the cameras' connectivity to Livestream Studio much more stable.

To do so, take one of the remaining Ethernet cables from the bottom layer of the kit. Lift the flap on the back of the Mevo Boost and plug one end of the cable into the Ethernet port.

Plug the other end into one of the remaining Ethernet ports on the back of the Portal router.

Charge the Mevo Boosts

Before every event, you should ensure your Mevo Boosts are fully charged or have access to a power outlet during the event. Mevo Boosts have approximately 10 hours of battery life.


There are three Mevo chargers, each with a USB cable, in the middle layer of the kit.

Take one charger and plug the micro-USB end into the back of the Mevo Boost, underneath the flap.

Plug the other end into a power source. Mevo Boost will start charging automatically.


Mevo Boost can charge relatively quickly compared to how long its battery lasts; to reach 80%, allow approximately four hours to charge. Charge five to six hours to reach 100%. 

Repeat all the above steps for the other two cameras.

Please note that one camera will need to remain wireless due to the Portal router's having only four Ethernet ports. Connecting your cameras to the router's network over both Ethernet and Wi-Fi are covered in the "Connect the Mevo Cameras to Livestream Studio" section.

You are now ready to set up and connect the Livestream Studio software and the three Mevo cameras.

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