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Set Up the Audio Mixer and Wireless Microphone Kit

Good, clear audio is essential to any video production, particularly live events. While there are many ways to bring audio into your setup, this kit provides a simple yet flexible way to meet this need.

Set up the wireless microphone kit

The Shure wireless microphone kit can be found in two parts in the middle layer of the kit.

Inside the leather pouch are the smaller contents of the microphone kit, including

  1. A stick microphone
  2. A microphone clip
  3. A 1/4" audio adapter
  4. Wireless antennas (2)
  5. XLR cable
  6. Wireless receiver

First, connect the two antennas to the back of the wireless receiver by lining up the prong on the receiver's connector to the gap on each antenna's connector, and turning it until it is secure.

Fold the antennas up for optimum performance.

The Shure power adapter has the Shure logo on it, and can be found in the kit's middle layer.

Plug it into the back of the audio receiver; plug the other end into an available power outlet.

Connect the audio mixer to the mini PC

To help save surface space, you can place the Onyx Blackjack audio mixer on top of the Shure audio receiver.

There is another USB-A to USB-B cable in the middle layer of the kit. Connect the USB-B end to the back of the audio mixer. Connect the other end to a USB port on the mini PC.

Connect the microphone receiver to the audio mixer

Plug the female end of the short XLR cable into the MIC OUT XLR port on the back of the wireless receiver.

Plug the other end of the cable into one of the mic inputs on the audio mixer.

Set up the microphone

There are four K&M microphone stands in the bottom layer of the kit. One of them is for your microphone.

To set it up, start by turning the lowest knob counter-clockwise to loosen it.

This will allow you to extend and lower the legs of the microphone stand. Turn the same knob clockwise to tighten it, and set it down on the floor so that it stands on its own.

The other two knobs on the microphone stand allow you to adjust the height. The best practice is to loosen the middle knob and raise that section first; then you can loosen and raise the top section to your desired height.

Screw the microphone clip on top of the microphone stand.

Either slide or push the microphone into the clip so that it is securely mounted on the stand.

Be sure to turn the microphone on before you use it. Simply press the power button (above Mute) until the green LED turns on. The microphone and wireless receiver are preconfigured to be on the same channel, so you do not need to do any further setup with them.

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