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Other Supplies Needed to Use the Kit

While this kit and your Livestream subscription provide almost everything you need to stream your event, there are a few items that you will need to supply yourself in order to produce your event.

Table and Chair(s)

You need a place to set everything up, and a place to sit while operating the kit. Even a standard folding table and chairs will suffice for your kit setup.


This may seem obvious, but it does play a huge role in where you choose to set up your equipment, especially if you intend to travel from venue to venue. Take note of where the power outlets are and determine if you will need additional extension cords or power strips for different locations.

Internet Connection

While the kit does include a router to put all of the included equipment on the same access point, your event location needs to have an internet connection to connect it in the first place (e.g., a modem from your local internet service provider, or ISP). Our recommendations for setting up your local internet network for streaming are the following:

  • The network should be dedicated solely to streaming. In other words, no other computers or devices should be using the same internet connection as your kit.
  • The upload speed on your network should be a minimum of 10Mbps. You will need to arrange this with your ISP. Test your internet connection at
  • If you are streaming from a location that tends to have firewalls and extra security configurations, such as a school, corporation, or hotel, you or your IT administrator should ensure that the following firewall ports are open to incoming and outgoing communication on your network:
    • TCP 1935 (RTMP)
    • TCP 80 (HTTP)
    • TCP 443 (HTTPS)
    • UDP 53 (DNS)

Once have your modem from your ISP set up, make sure you have an Ethernet cable available to connect the modem to the Portal Router in your kit.

Apple ID

When you first turn on the iPad, you will be prompted to log in to an Apple iCloud account. Be sure to create an Apple ID at if you do not already have one.

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