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Why the All-in-One Studio Kit?

Livestream has been building professional level hardware and software live video products for almost 10 years. In an effort to give customers the ability to produce high-quality live events on a budget, Livestream created Mevo, the live event camera, in 2016. Mevo gives customers the power to direct their stories with built-in live editing features alongside streaming capabilities not found in other cameras.

While Mevo has helped bridge the quality gap between consumer level and professional level event productions, Livestream identified a middle level that still needed a better solution: customers who needed more advanced features not offered with entry-level products, but at a budget-friendly cost. We realized that by combining the Mevo camera with our live production switching software, Livestream Studio, and running them on cost-efficient hardware, Livestream could truly provide a complete end-to-end streaming solution at a fraction of the price of a full multi-camera live production.

Livestream’s mission is to create products that enable anyone to share experiences through live video, unlocking a world where every event is available online. With this kit, you're now helping to bring this vision to life. Happy streaming!

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