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How Do I Know if My GPU Supports NVENC and NVDEC?

In order to be able to use the hardware encoding and hardware decoding features in Livestream Studio, you must have the proper hardware installed on your computer. One of these options is via NVENC (encoding) and NVDEC (decoding), which process the video via a supported NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.

The first sign of knowing whether your PC supports these features is to go into Studio and check Settings: Streaming for Hardware Encoding, then check Settings: Advanced for Hardware Decoding. If these options do not appear in these menus, then, unfortunately, you do not have the supported hardware.

We have successfully tested the following NVIDIA GeForce models:

  • GTX1050
  • GTX950
  • GT730 (GK208-400-A1 - other versions of this model have been reported to not work)
  • GTX650

To find out if a specific model supports these features, first visit this list and search for the card's model name (note: if you are using a GeForce 10 Series card, you may need to use this list instead). The quickest way to do this is to hold CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac) and type the model name into the page search. The browser will jump to the first matching result.

Find your model in one of the tables and take note of the Code name (in this case, GTX 1050 is GP107-300).

Now visit the NVIDIA GPU Support Matrix. The first table on this page represents cards that support hardware encoding (NVENC), the second table is for cards that support hardware decoding (NVDEC). Search for the first two letters and three numbers of the code name (in this example, GP107).


If your code name is on the first table, then your GPU supports hardware encoding in Livestream Studio. If it appears in the second table, then it supports hardware decoding.

If your NVIDIA card falls outsideof these parameters, then NVENC and NVDEC may not be supported on that card.

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