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Configuring Media Playback Settings

In Studio settings, go to the Media Player tag to configure settings for your media bins.

Media Autoplay allows you to choose if a video will either pause or continue playing when a media source is transitioned out of Program. It also determines whether the video will continuing playing from its current location (Pause) or start from the beginning of the IN point (Continue).


Pause Playback: The video will pause when manually transitioned out of Program. It will also pause when it reaches the OUT point and not transition out of Program.


Continue Playback: Video will continue playing when manually transitioned out of Program. It will also transition out of Program at the OUT point automatically.

Transcoding Files Location is where any transcoded videos (i.e., videos you bring into your media bin) will be saved. You can bring those videos into a media bin again without transcoding.

Transcoding Cache lets you control the amount of data stored in the transcoding folder before files are deleted. You can also manually clear the cache here.

Transcoding Bitrate determines the bitrate to which the videos are transcoded. Higher bitrates will have higher resolution but also create larger files.

Basic Replay lets you tell Livestream Studio how far back from the current timestamp to set an In point. The Out point will be set to the current timestamp.

You can export videos or portions of videos from your media bin. You can choose their export location and video settings here.

When your media bin settings are configured to your liking, click Save.

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