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Using RSS Feeds

If you want to include an RSS feed in your Livestream Studio production, go to a GFX module, open the Create Custom Graphic menu and select RSS from the graphics menu.

The RSS layer will appear in the graphics overlay channel. Click the gear wheel to enter its settings.

If access to your RSS feed requires authentication, check Basic Authentication and enter your credentials.

When you enter the RSS URL, the data should populate on the right and give you access to further settings.

Set the time interval in seconds that you want Livestream Studio to look for new information from your RSS feed under Auto advance data interval.

To control the number of posts from your RSS feed, you can choose to only include posts within a recent time frame.

You can also limit Livestream Studio to pull only a certain number of most recent posts.

If you wish to edit any data within Livestream Studio, uncheck Read only.


Any edits made to data sources in Livestream Studio will not change content in the original source.

At the bottom of the settings are the Auto-Loop options for this graphics layer.

Next, enter the GFX Designer, and select RSS from the dropdown. Click the list icon to select your data fields.

Close out of the GFX Designer and return to the layers module to make the layer visible. You can now include content from the RSS feed into your production via the graphics overlay controls.

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