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Using the Tie Controls

You may need to switch a video source and a graphics overlay simultaneously. This is where the TIE BG and TIE buttons in Livestream Studio (Advanced Interface only) come in.

At least one of these TIE buttons must be selected at all times. This tells the transition controls what to reference when switching.

If only TIE BG is highlighted yellow, then only the video source in Preview will switch to Program when transitioning.

After using a transition control, notice how the video source switched, but GFX 1 remained in Preview because only TIE BG was selected.

To switch the video source and bring in a graphics overlay at the same time, select TIE BG and the corresponding TIE button for your graphic. Be sure to select the PRV button for the graphics overlay channel that is tied to your video source.

Your Preview and Program monitors should look similar to this, with a GFX channel in Preview. Use a transition control to switch the sources.

Now your video sources have switched and your graphics overlay has been pushed to Program.

If only the GFX 1 and GFX 2 TIE buttons are lit and both sources are in Preview, then both overlays will switch into Program when transitioning. The video will not change.

In this example, GFX 1 has a lower-third graphic, and GFX 2 is a clock. Use a transition control to bring both into Program.

After the transition, both graphics overlays are now in Program, but the video source is the same since TIE BG was not selected.

To pull a graphics overlay out of Program simultaneously with a video source, tie the background and the graphics overlay together.

Next, you will need to remove the graphics overlay from Preview. This will tell the transition controls that the graphic should not be shown in Program on the next switch.

Your monitors should look similar to this now, with Preview showing a different video source and no graphic. Use a transition control to switch the sources.

Now your video sources have changed, and your graphics overlay is no longer in Program.

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