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Adding Audio Sources

Livestream Studio’s built-in audio mixer can be found in the lower left corner of the interface.

Each input source will have a corresponding audio source that you can monitor and adjust.

You may have a separate audio mixer or a microphone can connect to your system directly via USB or line-in (the HD550 also has two 1/4-inch XLR combo inputs built in).

We have successfully tested Onyx and M-Audio mixers with Livestream Studio. Generally speaking, any device your operating system--Windows or Mac--supports will work with Livestream Studio, although we recommend using audio devices that do not require drivers to be installed.

Navigate to Settings > Audio In to add these sources.


Press the + button at the bottom of the window to add an audio source.

Under Audio Source, click the dropdown menu to select your source.


If your device is not recognized, check to see if it needs to have drivers installed.

Livestream Studio will automatically label the source (e.g., AUDIO1). Click on the name if you wish to change it.

This source can also be assigned to a track on Studio Surface if you have one connected. Otherwise, ‘None’ will be the only option available.

 Click Save in settings. You should now see your audio source included with your other sources in the Audio Mixer.

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