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Using the Color Source Generator

In addition to cameras, graphics and media sources, you can include color sources in your Livestream Studio production.

To add a color source as an input source, navigate to the Inputs tab in the main Studio interface, then click Add Input in the bottom left corner. Hover the cursor over Local Camera, which will open a menu that includes Colors / Bars.

The color source will appear in your list of inputs. Click the gearwheel on the right side to access its settings.

You can use either a solid color or traditional color bars. If you select Solid Color, you can either type in the hex code or click on the # button to select a color.


You can also choose whether or not to include a test tone as your audio source by checking the box next to Test Tone. You can also adjust the pitch of the tone below (default is 1000 Hz; a lower number will be a lower pitch, a higher number creates a higher pitch). Uncheck the box if you do not want any audio coming through your color source.

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