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Log Into Livestream Studio via a Subscription

If you have already purchased a Livestream or Vimeo Live subscription, you also have full access to Livestream Studio. 

After you have installed and launched the Livestream Studio software, a welcome window will pop up prompting you to log in via Vimeo or Livestream. Select the provider you are using to log in.

Livestream Studio

If you select Livestream, enter your email and password in the next window, then select Log In With Email. If you select Vimeo, a browser window will open. If you are already logged into a Premium account, you will then be logged into Studio. Otherwise, enter your account credentials to log in.

Please be advised that subscription access to Livestream Studio will require an internet connection in order to log in. Offline access is available for up to 7 days after you log in before you are prompted to reauthenticate.

If you have the previously-sold USB Dongle and want to use your subscription to access Studio instead, close Studio, then disconnect your dongle. After disconnecting the dongle, re-launch Studio and you will see the prompt to log in.

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