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Log Into Livestream Studio via a Subscription

If you have already purchased a Livestream or Vimeo Live subscription, you also have full, unlimited access to two (2) Livestream Studio licenses. This means you can run Livestream Studio on two separate systems using your account login.

After you have installed the Livestream Studio software on a Windows or Mac computer,  a welcome window will pop up prompting you to log in via Livestream or Vimeo. Select the provider you are using to log in.

If you select Livestream, enter your email and password in the next window, then select Log In With Email.


If you selected Vimeo, a browser window will open prompting you to log in to Vimeo and authorize Livestream Studio access to your account. Once you grant Studio access, navigate back to the software.

Please be advised that subscription access to Livestream Studio will require an internet connection at all times. If you feel you will need to use Livestream Studio offline at any point, we recommend looking into our other one-time purchase options.

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