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Common Issues and Troubleshooting the Broadcaster V1

Below are some common issues we've seen come up with the first version of the Broadcaster and how to resolve them.


Constant Rebooting

Audio Pitch Too High or Low


Constant Rebooting

If your Broadcaster is repeatedly restarting itself or not staying powered on consistently, it is likely due to the device not receiving enough power. Ways to check this are:

- Change the batteries
- Plug the Broadcaster into a power source that is not being used by anything else (lights, computers, phones, etc.)

If the behavior persists, please attempt a factory reset by holding the small button between the power source and the USB port on the back of the Broadcaster for at least 15 seconds.

If you continue to see this behavior, please contact our Technical Support team to help you troubleshoot directly.


Audio Pitch Too High or Low

If you are listening to your stream and notice a discrepancy in the audio's pitch, it is possible the Broadcaster was unable to automatically determine your audio source's sample rate. This is an uncommon occurrence and is more likely to happen with analog/line-in sources.

To fix this:

- Stop the stream and enter the menu

- Go to 'Audio Input'

- Toggle to 'Samplerate'

Here is where you can manually select your audio source's sample rate and correct the audio pitch being sent to Livestream. Use the bottom joystick to select it. You can then go live again with the proper audio pitch.

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