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Which USB Modems are compatible with Broadcasters?

Applies to:

  • Broadcaster V1
  • Broadcaster Pro

When using a modem, you will need to power the device with the modem already connected. Hot-plugging is not yet supported.


Below are officially supported modems:

* Support added in Firmware v. 1.1.0
** Support added in Firmware v. 1.2.1


These modems have all been tested with their latest firmware. Please be sure to install all the latest updates for the best compatibility.


Additional modems may work with the Livestream Broadcaster, including international carriers, but we do not officially support them at this time.


Customers have reported that the following modems are NOT compatible as of firmware v.1.1/1.2:

  • Huawei e303
  • Huawei e3131

Depending on your mobile carrier, you may need to utilize the 'Custom' option within the USB Modem section of the Broadcaster menu to establish a connection to the internet.

To help us improve this list please share your success and requests for 3G/4G modems with us by contacting customer care. We will work as fast as we can to add more support for popular carriers and modems.

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