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Add iPad to your Setup

The purpose of the iPad in this kit is to configure and control the three Mevo cameras.

Connect iPad to Ethernet

A foldable tablet stand is in the middle layer of the kit. Expand it and place it on your table. Place the iPad mini 2, found in the top layer of the kit, on the tablet stand.

Be sure to remove the protective plastic from the iPad.

The middle layer of the kit has two Apple adapters: a lightning-USB camera adapter and a USB-Ethernet adapter.

Start by plugging the Ethernet adapter into the USB port on the lightning-USB camera adapter.

Plug the lightning end of the adapter into the lightning port on the iPad.

The back of the tablet stand has a hole through which cables can be run. Guide the Ethernet adapter through the hole. This will help with keeping your setup organized.

Take another Ethernet cable from the kit (in this example, we used the other 10-foot cable from the middle layer) and plug it into the Ethernet adapter.

Plug the other end into the Portal router. This gives your iPad mini an Ethernet connection, which will make its use more reliable in later steps.

You can choose to omit the Ethernet connection and connect the iPad to Wi-Fi instead if you prefer. Because the iPad is used to configure and control your cameras over the network, we recommend using this Ethernet workflow for a more stable connection.

Connect iPad to power

The charging block and cable for the iPad are in the middle layer of the kit. Plug the USB end of the cable into the charging block.

Be sure to fold out the prongs on the charging block.

Plug the charging block into one of the available outlets. Run the cable through the hole in the tablet stand and connect it to the lightning port on the iPad camera adapter.

Now your iPad can be used without worrying about battery levels or Wi-Fi signal strength.

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