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Incorrect Order of Inputs

Some producers using some Livestream Studio hardware products only (HD51/HD510/HD550) have noticed their inputs not appearing in the multiview in the proper order. Livestream Studio includes an input calibrator for these specific units that can resolve this issue.

In Livestream Studio, click on the gearwheel to open settings, then click Inputs. A link to the Livestream Inputs Calibrator will be at the bottom of the window.

Customers using the HD31 will need to open the tool manually by opening the File Explorer and navigating to Program Files (x86) -- > Livestream Studio Launcher ---> LSDeviceOrderCalibration. This tool is not compatible with other computers running Livestream Studio software. 

A window will pop up prompting that Livestream Studio will close. Click OK.

When Livestream Studio closes, a new window will pop up that will prompt you to unplug all of your cameras from all of your Blackmagic Design devices. After you do this, click Start Calibrating.

Select your preferred input type, either HDMI or SDI. You will only need one camera for this process, so if you are alternating input types, choose whichever one you are using more of. The calibration will still work. Then click Next.

If you haven't disconnected all of your cables yet, do so now. Then click Done.

Connect a camera to In 1 on your system. The calibrator will indicate when it has detected it and completed calibrating it.

The calibrator will automatically prompt you to move to the next input. Unplug your camera from In 1 and plug it into In 2. Repeat this for all five Blackmagic Design cards.

After you've gone through all inputs, the calibrator will inform you that calibration is complete. Click Save and Livestream Studio will reopen with your inputs in the proper order.

Please note that calibration is project-based. If you create a new project, you may need to calibrate your input sources again.

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