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Import & Export Recorded Files Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Unfortunately, Adobe Premiere 2018 for Mac no longer supports MJPEG AVI files. This issue does not appear on Windows machines.

First, make sure you have Blackmagic Design Desktop Video installed on your system. Go to, select 'Capture and Playback,' and download Desktop Video.

  • Open Adobe Premiere Pro and choose a new project
  • Select the capture format
  • Select the sequence settings

Important: These should match the video format settings of the Livestream Studio Project

Import the video clip.

  • Go to: File > Import
  • Select the video file and select open.

The imported file should appear in the clip bin.

  • Drag the clip into the timeline.

The user will be prompted to change or keep sequence settings. Choose “Keep sequence settings.”

Exporting video clips:

  • Go to File > Export > Media
  • Select “Match Sequence Settings”
  • Enter an output name.
  • Click “Export”
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