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Bringing a Broadcaster Signal into Livestream Studio

Livestream Studio allows you to use your Livestream Broadcaster device as a remote camera source.

Connect your Broadcaster to the same network as the Livestream Studio computer.


In Studio, make sure you have added a remote camera as an input.

If you have not yet done this, open your Studio settings and select the Inputs tab. Click the + button to add a new input and select Remote Camera from the drop-down menu.


Livestream Broadcaster Pro


Power on the device and use the bottom Menu joystick to connect it to the same network that your Livestream Studio system is connected to.

After connecting it, push in the joystick to enter the menu and select Stream Mode.

Toggle the joystick to Studio.

The Broadcaster Pro will indicate that it is connected and ready to send its signal to Livestream Studio.

In Livestream Studio, you will see your Broadcaster Pro appear as a source under the Remote Camera module. Click on it to preview it. You will see your camera source appear and the Broadcaster Pro will indicate that it is now streaming a signal to your Livestream Studio.


Livestream Broadcaster mini


You can also connect a Broadcaster mini to Livestream Studio as a remote camera. When you finish pairing it through the Livestream app, using the same network your Livestream Studio system is connected to, select it from the Broadcaster list.

It will open the camera viewfinder. Click on the gearwheel in the top right corner to access settings.

Scroll down and you will see Studio Mode. Toggle the switch on (green) to enable Studio Mode. Then click Save in the upper right corner.

The mobile app will indicate that your Broadcaster mini is in Studio mode.

In Livestream Studio, your Broadcaster mini will appear in the list of remote cameras. Click on it to preview your camera source and switch it into Studio's Program monitor as desired.


Livestream Broadcaster (V1)


Bringing a Broadcaster into Livestream Studio as a remote camera is very similar to bringing the Broadcaster Pro into Livestream Studio.


Select Stream Mode from the Broadcaster menu, and then select Studio.

This will activate your Broadcaster as a live remote camera source.

Select the Remote Cam tab. If your Broadcaster is on the same network as your Studio system, it will automatically appear in the list and you can add it to your production.




If you are not seeing any options on the list within the Remote Cam tabs, please check the following: 

  • Make sure the remote system is on the same network, connected to the same Router or Access Point as your Studio system.
    • If the system is on the same network but using a different access point, the Remote Camera will not properly connect. 
  • Check that the following ports are open if you use a firewall: 
    • UDP: 5353, 60936 - 61036
      TCP: 60936 - 61036
  • Check that Bonjour Service is started.
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