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Basic Video Replay While Recording

Livestream Studio allows you to play back media while you are recording it for easy, basic replay options during a live event. 

To start, make sure that one of your Media Bins is selected in the Recording section of the Livestream Studio settings. 

Your media will automatically populate within the selected Bin once the recording has started. 

The red dot to the left of the clip duration indicates that this clip is currently being recorded. 

When recording, the clip in your Media Bin will behave much like any other media. You can set an IN and an OUT point for playback and scrub along the timeline as well. The main difference is that the timeline is growing as long as the recording process is active which does not occur when using pre-recorded media.

By default, pressing R on your keyboard will set IN and OUT points on your clip for the most recent 10 seconds. Transitioning that media bin into Program will automatically playback that section of your recording. You can adjust this setting under the Media Player tab in settings.

Make sure Continue playback (in Settings: Media Player) is turned on and Loop playback and Play as list (buttons in the Media Bin) are turned off. This will cause your clip to playback and then switch back to the source in Preview automatically. The Media Bin will display a countdown until the clip ends, and then switch with Preview with no black frames or freeze frames.

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