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Stream to a Scheduled Live Post on Facebook via Livestream Studio

While you can go live to your Facebook pages and groups at any time, many publishers on Facebook prefer to use Facebook's Scheduling feature so that their followers have prior notice and are more likely to watch their live event.

Schedule a Live Video on Facebook

In order to stream from Studio to a scheduled live video on Facebook, you will first need to create the scheduled post on Facebook.


Facebook provides a comprehensive tutorial and best practices to scheduling a live video on Facebook. A broader live overview for Publishers on Facebook is also available.


Once your live video is scheduled, you can configure Studio to stream to it.


Go Live to Your Scheduled Live Post


In Livestream Studio, navigate to the Stream tab, select Facebook and log in to the same account. Select your Page under Post As, and then open the Stream To drop-down menu. Your scheduled live video post will appear there.

Select that scheduled post. Configure the rest of your stream is the same as all streams to Facebook.

When you are ready to start broadcasting, click Go Live in the bottom right corner.

When you edit your scheduled post on Facebook, you can see your stream come in and monitor it. However it will not appear live on your timeline until the time you scheduled your post to go live.


If you want to go live sooner, click the Manual Start button at the bottom of the post editor in Facebook.

Once you confirm you want to proceed and Facebook fetches your stream preview, click Go Live. Your stream will be live on your Facebook timeline.

Alternatively, wait until your scheduled start time; the stream will appear on the timeline automatically.


When your event is over, you can simply click the red Streaming button in Studio to end your live event on Facebook.

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