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Advanced Input Source Cropping

You can create multiple virtual camera shots per input source. This works best with 4K inputs.

Navigate to the Input Settings tab.

Select which camera you would like to adjust by clicking the dropdown in the upper left corner of the module.

Click the Crop tab. Your input source will appear in the space to the right.

You can do a basic crop by clicking and dragging the corner of the image, and dragging and dropping the cropped frame.

Click Advanced Mode to reveal more cropping options.

To the right of your source are numbers 1-4 in different colors, each with a corresponding Take and Edit button.

Producers using 4K and 1080p input sources should consider checking the 720 min crop size, which will prevent any cropping to go less than a 720p resolution and thus reduce quality loss.

Clicking Edit on any shot will allow you to adjust that particular shot without affecting the output. Click and drag the corners to crop the shot. Notice the border of your shot matches the color of the corresponding number, and CAM1 in the multi-view is not yet showing the crop.

If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can also use that to crop your shot.

Before clicking the glowing Take button, check the Transition Duration and Motion Damping Intensity settings below.

Under Transition Duration, you can choose how you fast you want to move between shots. Cut will be an immediate switch. The following timer buttons indicate a virtual camera movement (i.e., a virtual tilt or pan) in order of increasing time (fast, medium, slow).


Motion Damping Intensity will adjust the smoothness of each camera motion. Instant will be a fast, real-time, and more jagged movement. Each option afterwards is slightly slower and smoother. This option does not impact virtual transitions if Cut is selected.


Once your Transition Duration and Motion Damping Intensity are set, click the glowing Take button.

The Take button will turn red and you will notice your input will transition to the cropped area in your multi-view.

You can build up to four different cropped areas per input using the corresponding Edit buttons.

In this example, if we take Shot 3, only that cropped area appears under Cam 1 in the multiview.

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