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Converting Input Sources of Different Formats

Livestream Studio works best when all video input sources match the same video format. However, with certain sources such as laptops and webcams, it may not be possible to match them all together. This is where the built-in any-to-any converter comes in.

Go to the Input Settings tab and select the input source you need to convert. Then select the Convert tab on the left side of the interface.

In many cases, Livestream Studio will be able to automatically convert your source. Otherwise, choose your input source's format from the drop-down menu.

Once the correct format is selected, the converter will turn on and you will see your video source. 

Using the converter will reduce the quality of your video signal and increase your CPU usage, so only use it when necessary.

Bringing a Laptop into Livestream Studio

When bringing in a laptop, you will almost certainly use the converter. Many laptops come with an HDMI output port that can directly connect to a Blackmagic capture device via an HDMI cable. For those that do not have an HDMI output, we recommend using the Blackmagic DVI Extender.


Another option for bringing a laptop into Livestream Studio as a source is to install the Remote Camera Client for Windows and Mac over your local network. This will avoid the need to use the converter.

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