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Broadcaster V1 Firmware Updates

Streaming from legacy hardware, such as the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster, will no longer be supported on May 25, 2022. Please contact support with any questions.

Below is a list of the firmware version history of the Livestream Broadcaster V1.  We recommend keeping up to date on the latest version of the firmware for the device. 

To update your firmware you will need to connect your Broadcaster directly to the internet via an ethernet cable. 

Firmware Update v1.2.3 - Released June 28, 2016


- Various improvements and bug fixes


Firmware v1.2.1 - Released September 29th, 2014

- Various fixes and optimizations for Studio mode.- Resolved issues with USB 3G/4G modem compatibility:    

- FIXED: Verizon Pantech UML 295 not working     

- FIXED: Sierra Wireless AirCard (313u & 320u), with newer firmware, not working.- Bug fixes relating to Network Connection menu:     

- ADDED: Populating previously configured manual IP settings within the connection menu.(Connection -> Ethernet -> Manual)      

- FIXED: Unit hangs when exiting network connection menu without making changes.


Firmware Update v. 1.2.0 - Released April 4th, 2014

New Feature

Studio Mode: Send video from your Livestream Broadcaster™ directly to any Livestream Studio™ on your network as a Remote Camera. 

Note: Your Livestream Studio™ and Livestream Broadcaster™ must be connected to the same network. Can be done using a WiFi or Wired network.

Bug Fixes

-Audio issue while streaming using an Adaptive bit-rate setting on lower bandwidth networks.
-Improved Modem support

**Please note: During the update process, if the unit becomes stalled at "Save Settings", power cycle the unit to complete the update process. 

Firmware Update v. 1.1.0 - Released February 3rd, 2014

This update to the Livestream Broadcaster™ optimizes streaming capabilities. Improvements and new features include:


Adaptive Bit-rate uplink

  • Is your connection inconsistent? Now your Broadcaster adapts as your network connection changes to send viewers the highest quality stream possible.


Better 3G / 4G USB Modem Support


Updated certification for the following U.S. carriers USB Modems:


  • Verizon Pantech UML290
  • Verizon Pantech UML295*
  • AT&T USBConnect Momentum
  • T-Mobile Jet 2.0 (Huawei e366)
  • T-Mobile Rocket 3.0*
  • T-Mobile Rocket 4G*
  • CLEAR Stick Atlas (Ubee Interactive PXU1960) *
  • US Cellular: Huawei UML397 4G LTE*
  • US Cellular: PCD UM185 (Pantech UM185)*
  • Full list of supported USB Modems (Including International)

   *Support added in v. 1.1.0


New custom settings for USB Modems allowing international users to configure local carriers. 

  • More information on this can be found HERE.


Extended Streaming Ability

  • Now you can rely on your Broadcaster to stream for weeks at a time.

 FIRMWARE UPDATE v. 1.0.25 - Released January 3, 2013

To update your firmware, restart your Broadcaster while connected to a power source, using the DC power adapter, and to the internet.  

Changes in version 1.0.25 include the following: 


  • An issue for 576p (PAL) resolution is fixed for more accurate colors in the video. This issue mainly occurred when using a BlackMagic converter.
  • Your followers will be notified when the option is selected before going live. 

FIRMWARE UPDATE v. 1.0.24 - Released October 4, 2012


  • Remote control issue

FIRMWARE UPDATE v. 1.0.23 - Released October 3, 2012


  • The error messages will now stay on the screen until you press the close button.
  • The Livestream Broadcaster now supports VGA format size of 640x480.
  • If your signal fails, the Livestream Broadcaster will now better re-connect to a new internet connection across 3G/4G, WiFi & Ethernet.
  • Added a monitor to indicate the strength of the wifi or 3G/4G signal.


  • If you enter the wrong wifi password, the Livestream Broadcaster will now indicate that you’ve entered the wrong password and ask you to try again, rather than defaulting to a previous WiFi network.
  • If an error occurs at the start of your broadcast, your page will no longer stay stuck in the live state.
  • Now if you unpair the Livestream Broadcaster with a Livestream account or use the reset button, all preferences will be fully reset.
  • When you pair the Livestream Broadcaster and you don’t have an event in your Livestream account; the Livestream Broadcaster will create an event for you.
  • If you’re broadcasting and there is trouble connecting to Livestream, it will continue streaming while it works to reconnect to the network.
  • Various bug fixes for better connection to Livestream and better detecting different input resolutions for improved stream quality.

FIRMWARE UPDATE v. 1.0.15 - Released July 15, 2012


  • The LED on the top left now blinks when you have successfully connected to the internet and becomes solid when you are also connected to your account.
  • The Broadcaster now checks for low battery when it is turned on. The battery level is indicated on the bottom right of the OLED display and a blinking red LED on the bottom left will appear if the battery levels are too low.
  • The Livestream Broadcaster will notify you when it detects a 3G/4G modem that is not supported.
  • You now have the choice to 'notify your followers' when you start your broadcast.
  • The time from pressing the go live button to being live on your event page has been reduced.
  • The reset button on the back of the Broadcaster will now unpair the device.
  • More menu icons have been added to make it easier to navigate.


  • The Livestream Broadcaster will now correctly remember your WiFi passwords until the device is unpaired.
  • A fix has been made to remember your last event when you have more than 10 draft events.
  • Auto-resume has been improved. It will continue to resume broadcasting if you lose your internet connection and reconnects to the internet. The broadcaster will not resume when your video signal has been lost and re-detected.
  • We have fixed the battery indicator on the website to always show the power level of the Broadcaster.
  • There was a bug not letting users manually select their Wifi access point in certain cases which has now been fixed.
  • There has been a significant improvement to instances when broadcasts stay on 0 Kpbs and fail to start. This happened at an average rate of 9.56% and has been improved to 4.44%. If the indicator still says 0 Kbps after 30 seconds, stop the broadcast and start it again.
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