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Going Live with Broadcaster V1

Streaming from legacy hardware, such as the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster, will no longer be supported on May 25, 2022. Please contact support with any questions.

This is what Livestream Broadcaster will look like before you start your stream. It’s best practice to check your settings before going live by clicking on Menu with the bottom joystick.

The menu allows you to select your event, your bitrate, and adjust your video or audio settings. You cannot access this menu when you are live, so make any necessary changes before your event starts.

Once all your settings are configured as desired, press the top button next to where it says Go Live on the display.

Livestream Broadcaster will give you the option to notify your followers. Use the bottom joystick to select Yes or No, and then press it to choose that option.

Livestream Broadcaster will indicate that the stream has begun and the bitrate it’s sending the stream at.

The live player will automatically appear at the top of your event page. The stream will take 20-30 seconds to load.

When your event is over, press the top button on Livestream Broadcaster next to where the display says Stop.

After pressing Stop, Livestream Broadcaster will prompt you to confirm if you want the stream to end. Use the joystick to select the desired option.

When you end the stream, you have the option to publicly post the video immediately, save it as a draft, or delete the online recording entirely. Use the bottom joystick to toggle and select which action you want.

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