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Broadcaster V1 Indicator Lights

Streaming from legacy hardware, such as the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster, will no longer be supported on May 25, 2022. Please contact support with any questions.

Along with the status information available on the Broadcaster LED screen, the indicator lights are also helpful when troubleshooting an issue going live or just to let you know things are working properly. Below, you'll find a list of possible indicator light combinations. 

1 - Internet Light 

- Blinking: Connected to the internet but not yet to Livestream remote control servers
- Solid: Connected to the internet and Livestream remote control servers. 

During Broadcast: 
- Off: Disconnected from the authentication server. Does not indicate that your stream is down or your internet connection has dropped. This is indicated by the Broadcast light (see below).
- Solid: Connected to the internet and Livestream remote control servers.

2 - Video Light

- Off: Indicates no video source is recognized. Please ensure your camera is properly connected.- Blinking: The Broadcaster is initializing the video source. - Solid: The video source is initialized and the broadcaster is ready to stream.

3 - Broadcast Light

- Off: Unit is not broadcasting or stream Connection dropped. The Broadcaster LED display will offer further information.- Blinking: Unit is Broadcasting LIVE

4 - Error / Warning Light

- Off: Broadcaster is operating normally.- Blinking: Indicates an error (Video source / Internet / etc...). Please check the other indicator lights on the Broadcaster and the display to determine what the issue is. 

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