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Can I Output my Laptop to a Broadcaster?

Streaming from legacy hardware, such as the original version of the Livestream Broadcaster, will no longer be supported on May 25, 2022. Please contact support with any questions.

The Broadcaster products can receive an output from a computer display provided that the computer is outputting at a format the Broadcaster supports.


Simply connect an HDMI cable to your computer's HDMI output port and plug the other end into the Broadcaster. When you turn the Broadcaster on, it will start receiving your display's signal.
If you do not see a video signal in your stream, check your computer's display settings and make sure they match a supported video format in the Broadcaster's Video Input menu. When considering a computer's display settings, the refresh rate should match a supported format's frame rate (e.g. 30 or 60). Also be sure to check your HDMI cable and swap it out if you are still unable to see a video signal.

Keep in mind that other HDMI devices such as Blu-ray players and game consoles may not work with the Broadcaster due to High-bandwidth Digital Copyright Protection

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