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TriCaster Producer Plugin Release Notes

Below are the release notes for the Livestream for Producers software plugin for NewTek TriCasters. 


Version: 20.3.7

Date of Release: August 7, 2017

Release Notes: Bug fixes and improvements

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Version: 20.3.6

Date of Release: July 19, 2017

Release Notes:

  • Added compatibility with the Livestream Free Trial (contact our Sales team for more information)

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Version: 20.2.98

Date of Release: January 17, 2017

Release Notes:

  • New code implemented that now supports using the Tricaster plugin in Facebook Live for Livestream

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Version 20.2.96

Date of Release: January 12, 2016

Release Notes:

  • Bug fixes and improvements

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Version 20.2.94
Date of Release: July 23, 2014
Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug that would result in a crash/corrupt file when logging into Livestream.
  • Various other bug fixes.

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Version: 20.2.92
Date of Release: April 29, 2013
Release Notes: 

  • New pagination code for events (Loads accounts with large events)
  • We now have a possibility to have a timeout (wasn't possible before, set to 30 seconds)
  • Some optimization in the publishing point API
  • Updated an edge case where it would include the wrong stream name 
  • Updated some GUI elements to reflect Livestream Procaster

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Version: 20.2.89
Date of Release: September 7, 2012
Release Notes:

  • The random generator didn't always generate random numbers. It now does generate random numbers. 

Advised for:

  • Everyone who uses the plugin for the NewTek Tricaster to stream to Livestream. 


  • Two clips from two different dates would get combined into one clip.
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