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Using the Producer Plugin with the Newtek TriCaster

The Livestream Producer plugin for the NewTek TriCaster allows Livestream customers to broadcast multiple bit-rate and mobile compatible streams without the use of a separate computer. 

The plugin is currently available on the following NewTek TriCaster models:

  • NewTek TriCaster 8000
  • NewTek TriCaster 860
  • NewTek TriCaster 855
  • NewTek TriCaster 850 Extreme
  • NewTek TriCaster 850
  • NewTek TriCaster 460
  • NewTek TriCaster 455
  • NewTek TriCaster 450 Extreme
  • NewTek TriCaster 450
  • NewTek TriCaster 410
  • NewTek TriCaster 300
  • NewTek TriCaster Mini
  • NewTek TriCaster 40

In addition to these hardware models, version 20.3.7 and higher of the TriCaster plugin is compatible with Tricaster Advanced Edition software.

Some newer TriCaster products such as the TriCaster TC1 may not support the Livestream Producer plugin. As a workaround, stream via RTMP.

We recommend using the most recent version of the Livestream Producer plugin and the most recent version of the NewTek TriCaster software. To check for TriCaster updates, go to the TriCaster launch screen and navigate to Shutdown > Administration Mode > Update TriCaster. The Livestream plugin will automatically prompt you to update when you open the plugin configuration window.

Most TriCasters will have the plugin installed for you already. If you need to install it, download the Producer Plugin here and follow the on-screen steps.

To configure the Livestream plugin, navigate to the STREAM area in the upper right area of the TriCaster interface and click the corresponding gearwheel. You will see a list of streaming providers. Navigate to Legacy > Livestream Plugin and click the corresponding gearwheel.

Select New Livestream. Enter your login credentials and select Login.

Choose your event under the Channel drop-down menu and quality you would like to broadcast from the Quality menu. 

Please note that you must use a preset quality from this menu; the plugin does not support creating a custom streaming quality.

Some TriCaster units may experience CPU maxing out if selecting a quality higher than High + Medium + Mobile. The below message will appear warning you of this if you select a higher quality.

Save Locally in My Videos is checked by default and will save a local copy of the broadcast on the TriCaster's hard drive. We recommend keeping this checked.


You can fill in a title for your broadcast and select one of these options before saving the configuration: 

  • Publish after streaming - will publish streamed clip on the event page once the broadcast is over
  • Save as draft after streaming - will save the stream as a draft on your event page and will show up as a pending post that is not available to the public. 
  • Delete after streaming - will not save the streamed video on Livestream once the broadcast is over

Finally, click Save to save the configuration.

To start streaming to your Livestream event, click Stream in the upper right area of the TriCaster interface. The tab will turn blue and a timer will start, indicating that you are live. Click it again to end the stream.

Enterprise customers also have the ability to stream to their Livestream events via RTMP.

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