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FAQ: How Do I Expand My Viewership at a Larger Scale?

Livestream Audience Booster is a powerful tool that enables the distribution of live and recorded video at a massive scale, delivering your video in real-time as embeddable advertisements on premium online publications. It's available as an add-on feature for Enterprise customers.

Our experts provide a detailed demonstration below.

Visit or contact our sales team to get started. Below are frequently asked questions regarding Livestream Audience Booster campaigns.


How do I boost an event?


Log in at with your existing Livestream account, choose which event to boost, customize the player, choose how many views, time of boost, and targets, hit BOOST and you're set. When it goes live you'll be able to view those analytics in real-time and the sites that are hosting your event.


When can I boost my event?


Events must be boosted on a weekday AND  2 hours in advance, as they need to be audited. That's not to mean that you can't boost a weekend event, it simply needs to be set up on the Friday before to be audited.


Is there any way to allocate more views to a boosted event once it’s been started, without cancelling it and restarting?


Not through the platform; however, there are two options. You can either cancel the original event and re-boost with the new amount of views you would like to allocate to your event OR you can email and we will manually adjust for you, assuming you have enough views purchased in your account.


I cancelled my Boost event, but am not seeing those unused views in my account. Where did they go?


It can take up to 30 minutes for refunds to be credited to your account. Please email if you do not see the credits after 30 min.


Can views be broken up in increments?


Views can be used in any denomination, at least 5,000 per event.


Do credits have an expiry date?


Credits expire after one year.


How do I allocate a certain number of views for a multiple-day campaign?
  • For the best results, use the custom date picker when setting up the boost to be during the first time you’re live. When it’s over, you can go in and re-boost the event by mousing over the COMPLETED button and then re- boost it with the new number of views for the next time you’re live. Keep doing so for each segment that you want.  
  • You could also pause the event under Analytics and then start it back when you’re live again, pause and restart.
What kind of analytics do you see when you boost a livestream?


We track the following...

  • Viewers:  At least 5 seconds, 100% in view
  • Engaged viewers:  Moused over video and watched for over 5s 100% in view OR un-muted OR clicked to watch at your site
  • Engagement Rate:  Percentage of viewers engaged
  • Average time spent: Average amount of time viewer watched while 100% in view
  • Number of clicks to landing page (if you have a CTA to a destination URL)  
The Boost categories on the page are a bit limited. Can we target individual sites or other general interests?
  • If you boost your event and email 24 hours prior to your event, we can tailor to your preferred  sites and targeted  interests.
  • If you can provide a list of sites you’re interested in, we can aim to deliver on those sites during the live event.
Is Audience Boost analytics separate from Livestream analytics?


Yes, Audience Boost has separate analytics for paid distribution only, available at Boost analytics are tied to the unit housing the player while  Livestream Analytics are tied to the player itself.  As we are embedding the Livestream player in the ad unit we are distributing, Livestream Analytics pick up on the viewers and will only count views when it’s actually live and streaming.  

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