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How Do I Use the Teradek VidiU to Stream to Livestream?

The Teradek VidiU is an encoder that enables streaming anywhere with an Internet connection without the necessity of a computer. The device allows for a hardwired, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. A paired iPhone app makes it simple to monitor and control your stream at all times during your broadcast. 

Teradek has discontinued VidiU products that integrate with Livestream directly. These instructions will work if you already own these devices. If you are a VidiU X user, you will need to stream to Livestream via RTMP (Enterprise only) as it does not integrate with Livestream directly.

Start by connecting your video source to the HDMI input and plugging the VidiU into power. The internal battery life will last about 60 minutes when fully charged.

Use the switch on the side to power on the VidiU.

Connect to the Internet. Upon turning the device on, it will automatically begin to search for an internet connection. Although a wired connection is recommended, it also allows for 3G/4G and Wi-Fi options.

  • To connect using Ethernet: Plug an ethernet cable into the port on the back of the VidiU Box. If it doesn’t automatically detect a connection, enter network settings by pressing the menu button and select wired, then select either DCHP (automatic) or Manual.
  • To connect using Wi-Fi: Menu > Network settings > Wi-Fi. Either choose to scan for your network or enter it manually. It will then prompt you to enter a network password if your connection calls for one.

Choose Platform. Once you are connected, select Livestream as your broadcast platform.

Log in. Enter your Livestream account email address and password using the black joystick to toggle between characters.

The VidiU will automatically populate your events. Use the black joystick to choose which event you would like to stream to.

After choosing an event, you will be directed to the main display with your event, quality, and Ready messages.

Push the black joystick to access the menu, where you can change your broadcast quality, event, and adjust video, audio, and network settings.


Use the red Stop/Start button on the VidiU to begin your stream to your event page. Toggle the joystick to choose whether or not to notify your followers.

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