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How Do I Make My Event Pay-Per-View?

Livestream Enterprise customers can use a third-party service called Cleeng to create a paywall to their live events.

What is Cleeng?


Cleeng safeguards live concerts, sporting events, conferences and many more.


As an Enterprise Livestream customer, you can easily integrate with Cleeng to monetize your Livestream events. You can create your first pay-per-view within just two minutes and it’s entirely free to start. Cleeng takes care of all steps of your online event experience. Find out more about Cleeng Pay-Per-View for live streaming.



  • Sell your live events or videos on any device worldwide, including iOS using HTML5, directly from your website or external pages.
  • Offer a wide choice of payment methods to your customers, adapted dynamically per price point and user location.
  • Generate incremental revenue: create reg-walls to profile your visitors, pay-per-view, metered, bundles, and/or subscriptions.
  • Grow your audience and your profits by nurturing social sharing strategies, easily granting coupons, and having access to advanced reporting dashboards.
  • Save time & money - it is already built specifically and works immediately.
  • Benefit from the highest protection and user experience standards.


How to set up Cleeng with Livestream


First, sign up for a Cleeng account by going to This will redirect you to a page with the form below.

When you complete the sign-up process, you can start entering basic information about your event (title, date and time, description, type, and estimated viewers). After providing this information, click Next.

Select if this is a Paid event (e.g. viewers will need to pay to watch it) or a Free event. Both of these can be restricted geographically by opening the I want to broadcast dropdowm menu and selecting countries that can watch your event.


Save any changes, then click Next.

Next, add the embed code from your Livestream event page. Select Do Now if you have already created your Livestream event. This will reveal the text field for your iFrame code.

Go to your Livestream account. Navigate to the event you plan to sell with Cleeng and click the Editor icon.

Scroll down and click ‘Privacy’ to adjust privacy settings. (Please note this option is only for Enterprise Livestream users). Put the following settings in place:

  • Hide your event from search and from
  • Allow embedding
  • And restrict the embed domain to **  and also the domain of the website your Cleeng embed will be living on; keep in mind multiple embed restriction domains must be separated by a single comma only (no spaces).

This is needed to make sure that your event - especially if you offer a paid event - is accessed only by the viewers who actually purchased the ticket. 


Save your settings and click on ‘Share’ button in the upper right corner of your event page.

Click on 'Embed' and copy your embed. Don’t worry about the player’s size - Cleeng will adjust it on their end automatically.

Navigate back to your Cleeng configuration page and paste the embed code into the text box. Select whether you want your VOD replay available after your live event, then click Next.

Add promotion assets to your event, such as a teaser line, social media pages, discount options, a teaser video from YouTube, and your event's hashtag.


When you are done, click Publish event Page.



This is an example of a pre-booking page created with Cleeng.

Use the dashboard at the top of the browser to adjust the branding of this page.

Once customers purchase, they will be able to access your Livestream from the same page.

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