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Remove Warnings About Bitrate and Resolution in Periscope

If you are using Simulcast and have seen warning messages in Periscope Producer regarding your bitrate or resolution, this means need to adjust those settings on your encoder (i.e. Livestream Producer, Livestream Broadcaster Pro, etc.)

Periscope's supported streaming specifications are as follows:

  • VIDEO BITRATE: 2500 kbps (recommended), 4000 kbps (max), H.264
  • FRAMERATE: 30fps
  • RESOLUTION: 1280x720
  • KEYFRAME INTERVAL: Every 3 seconds (OBS) or Keyframe every 90 frames (Wirecast)

If you are using Livestream Producer, you can set a custom bitrate by selecting Custom from the Quality dropdown menu on the main window.

To configure the bitrate settings, click Preferences.

Navigate to the Video tab, then configure the resolution, bitrate, and frame rate per the above recommendations.

You should also check the Audio tab and set the audio bitrate

If you are using a different encoder (e.g. Livestream Broadcaster Pro, Mevo), setting a custom bitrate may not be an option for you. The best way to handle this issue would be to choose an equal or lower quality.


Check the encoding specifications for the preset qualities for Broadcaster Pro and Mevo and select one that is below Periscope's recommendations. Typically the HD (Broadcaster Pro) or 720p (Mevo) preset will fit these requirements.


Livestream Studio includes direct integration with Periscope with a quality preset that matches Periscopes recommended specs. more.

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